Saturday, November 12, 2011

A gymnastics post: Hello, Good-Bye(?) and lots of new anticipation...

Some gymnastics doings on 11-11-11:

Son is thinking about stopping his own gymnastics classes, and moving on to other things.  However, he wants to try some new skills before he makes that decision.

He has always wanted to do a giant on the high bar. (swinging all the way around the bar) One way to practice doing giants is to use a rotating device and strap-in equipment (for safety) while mastering the skill.  Last night, he was determined to make it all the way around!  Thank you, "Coach C", for helping him!  Here is a video that Son made with the raw video footage- of his giant, and some tumbling and vaulting he did last night:


Daughter is preparing to compete- her first meet is in January.  The team's new competition leotards came in the other day, and Daughter and I had a little portrait session yesterday.  Here is one picture that we both like:

Look at that anticipation in her eyes!  

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