Sunday, November 27, 2011

A pause before it begins...

It's Sunday night of Thanksgiving weekend.  It's back to the schedule tomorrow, after about a week of holiday relaxation and illness recovery.  (the first good cold of the year)

I take a deep, refreshing breath, before putting my head into the wind of the December holiday season.  Regular schoolwork.  Holiday decorating, baking, and visiting.  A dance recital. An exhibition gymnastics meet, and the preparations beforehand, of which my whole family is involved in some way.  Holiday concerts, the city's Christmas parade, and learning three-part harmony to the Lester Family's Christmas carols albumMaking homemade 2012 calendars.  Trying to finish the 2011 family video.  Christmas cards?  Maybe not this year, but ideas of a dvd card are floating around.  The grand finale is holiday traveling to see family 2 big cities to the north.

So I am enjoying my quiet pause, as the dog snores in regular rhythm from the kitchen, children laugh in the back of the house, and carols play softly over internet radio.  Tomorrow will begin the busy collage.  I vow to make time for many such pauses throughout December, and stay in the present moment as much as possible.

May you have a beautiful, mindful holiday season!

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