Friday, December 16, 2011

Reverb #11 Day 13: Nature Connection

What was your best "nature" moment this year?

Our community experienced a very large wildfire this past June and July. It engulfed much of our local mountain chain, and also blew out of the canyons into the grasslands and the community, fueled by very high winds and extremely dry conditions.  It was a very scary time.  Along with the hardships to those who had lost their homes and animals, there was grief over the loss of nature to the fire- and the burnt black scar left behind.

About 2 weeks after the worst part of the fire, we took Daughter's friend home after their gymnastics practice.  Her friend lives in an area that had been burned, and we noticed a burned yucca plant that had come back.  It's bright green leaves and brilliant white flower plume was in stark contrast to the black earth and skeleton-trees around it.  It was such a hopeful moment- and a healing experience!

I was moved to take a video:

There were more pretty nature moments we experienced this year, but I think this was the best one.

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  1. Hope and renewal. Very wonderful! Sometimes even trees that look like total goners will pull through after a burn. We'll hope that a few of these will too.