Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nellie Cashman and my daughter pal-ing around at Cochise College

Nellie Cashman and my daughter pal-ing around at Cochise College by Crunchy Footsteps

Via Flickr:
homemade paintcan pinhole camera, paper negative, developed in caffenol C

The state of Arizona turns 100 years old in 2012, and the centennial projects and celebrations abound around here! The Cochise County History On The Move Display is one such centennial project.

This project features life-sized (or nearly so) rigid historic photographs of folks who paved the way in Cochise County, Arizona's early years. The display will travel around to different locations throughout the year.

Here is one photo-tribute: This is Nellie Cashman (left), and she lived from 1845-1925. She was a philanthropist - the title earned from her involvement in founding many community institutions (a Catholic church, and hospitals) and for helping many persons in need in very practical ways. She was an immigrant from County Cork, Ireland, and came to the North American West during the gold rush days. She was a businesswoman who owned and ran boarding houses, restaurants, and was a prospector herself.

One of the many places she lived and worked and contributed was in the city of Tombstone.

Did I fool you into thinking this is the real Nellie Cashman? It's actually her life-sized black and white photo, set against the backdrop of Cochise College- Sierra Vista campus. (-:

She is a favorite historic figure of mine and my daughter's, so we found it fitting that she pose with Nelly.

I hope to capture the many other honored folks in this display as it travels around the county this year.

Lots more information can be found at

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