Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You could hide anything in there! (butternut squash brownies)

As followers of Andrew Weil's Anti-inflammatory Diet, (not a diet really, just a very healthy way of eating), I am always modifying recipes to make them healthier- including desserts.  Yum!

I recently came across this recipe for butternut squash brownies, and had the chance to make them this past weekend.  They are delicious!!  So moist!

I modified the recipe though- I substituted half the sugar for agave syrup, and used an 85% dark chocolate bar (chopped up) for the chocolate chips.  Also, I found myself without vanilla extract, so I substituted almond extract for it.  The results were moist, yummy, with a cherry-like/dark chocolate tartness that popped in our mouths!

The dark color makes it so easy to hide healthy stuff in these brownies!  Why, you could get away with putting lots of healthy things in there!  I think next time, I will used silken tofu instead of eggs as a binder (Phytonutrients!  Yes!)  Perhaps I could sneak in a little spinach with the squash, and perhaps a banana and agave syrup could be the sweetener.    I'll post the recipe when I work it out, for those of you who don't flinch at the thought of weird food combinations.


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  1. Looks very tasty! My vegetable hating daughter loves chocolate zucchini bread, so I think this would be a win at our house as well.