Saturday, April 14, 2012

gymnastics and filmmaking all winter and spring..

It's been so busy, but a transition is in the works....

Here's a salute to Daughter's first competition season in gymnastics...

It was an exciting, suspenseful, and fun-filled season!

 After her last meet a few weeks ago, the first thing Daughter did was to paint her nails....(there is no nail polish allowed at meets) 

Hot pink and neon orange!!  It was her way of celebrating the season, and welcoming in the off-season workouts.

Now they are learning new skills and trying new tricks at practice.
(it's fun to watch!)

And soon the parents will be invited to join the Saturday morning conditioning workout.
(I've been running up and down the hallway to get myself in shape)


 Son will be completing his first college course in a few weeks- it's a filmmaking course offered at our local community college.

So he is busy drawing storyboards writing scripts, participating in film shoots and editing the footage.  

Here he is in action, during the filming of a documentary at a pottery studio.  They were interviewing the instructor, and filming the firing of raku pottery that day.  

It's been a good experience in communicating and working with others,  as well as learning about film production, and using professional equipment.  

It's been greatwinter/spring.
 It's been thrilling, it's been hard at times, too.

A real growing experience for the CaveFamily.

And now, we are all tired!

We await the summertime, when our schedule changes.
It might still be busy, but change is good.



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