Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Pumpkin Diaries Day 14: We have pumpkin-age!

Happy Birthday, pumpkin plant!

4 pumpkin plants have come up!  So now 25 % have germinated.  I thought of buying more seeds, and putting them in the ground for better plant survival-odds, and then thought of how much room just 4 pumpkin plants can take up!  I'll think on that a bit more, and in the meantime, allow the protective plants (the icicle radish and nasturtium) grow bigger, so they can do their jobs.

Above is another pumpkin, in the center of a ring of icicle radishes

and the nasturtiums are now looking like this- tiny leaves that resemble their adult-shape.

I have several times dug up the seed that had the grubs around it to check for more, and I haven't seen any more .  I think I might have disturbed that seed too much though- it may not come up at all.

Pumpkin Hills on May radishy!  (-:

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