Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thank you, Neil Armstrong

Sweetly rest among the heavens! 

May I recommend this *Excellent* miniseries (originally broadcasted on HBO in the 1990s) about all the Apollo missions- re-dramatizations of the events that took place. My family learned a lot in a very interesting, entertaining way from this series, and keeps revisiting the dvds time and again!

I think that kids about 10 and up will enjoy From The Earth to the Moon, with some cautionary statements.  First of all, look out for some pretty colorful language in the episode that covers Apollo 12- as Pete Conrad was known to let some language fly...

And I remember that the episode that salutes the astronaut wives was a bit dark.  Families were always faced with loosing their astronaut-loved one, and this episode shows how families dealt with that.  Marital strain, midlife crisis and divorce are also addressed.  For the older kids though, I feel the language isn't much of an issue, and the difficult subject portrayal can be a springboard for discussion.

AS a matter of fact, in honor of Neil Armstrong, I think we'll get out the set and watch some right now.  (-:

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  1. hi, woman :) missing you/the mamas. thought i'd come visit over here. finally, huh? (i'm in middle of writing/painting & other art challenge on xanga=fun) doing welding class again ;) hope you and yours are doing wonderful. oxooooooooo