Tuesday, September 6, 2011

4th of July on Labor Day Weekend

It felt a little like the 4th of July....

Our city did not hold it's annual fireworks show this year, being only a week after our community's fire, and extreme drought conditions.  We were to have the show later in the summer, but we did not get enough rain this summer to make it safe.

So it was the city of Bisbee to our rescue this Labor Day weekend!  Bisbee lies 30 miles to the east from us, and also postponed it's 4th of July fireworks due to extremely dry conditions.  However, they rescheduled their show for Labor Day-Saturday, and we went to see  the show, with a full picnic to boot!

It was our first- ever Bisbee fireworks show.  They shoot them off from up high, on the mine tailings...

If you wiggle your camera while taking the picture of fireworks, you get some pretty light pictures:

Here are some closeups of the launch site high above us:

pretty firework feathers

Thank you Bisbee, for lifting our summertime spirits with this great show!!!

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  1. Fun and I love the camera tricks! Thanks for the tip. We've done some fun stuff like that with a huge bonfire. :)