Wednesday, September 7, 2011

monsterous marketing and media

My family was in a Target store this past weekend, and we found these in the toy aisle.  Gloom Beach dolls, apparently a line of toys of the Monster High flavor.  If Barbie and Bratz set a strong standard for lookism before, then we are definitely in trouble now.  Any girl who will absorb this standard for how to look will die in the effort.  More likely, girls will half-consciously absorb yet another message that you have to be very thin to fit in.

My daughter and I commented on the anorexic look and sexualized dressing style, and how it might affect girls' perception of themselves.  Will some feel pressured to emulate this look- starving, sickly and "undead"?

((Shudder)).  Keep talking to your girls and boys.  Fight back against aggressive marketing and media influence.  


  1. Yep, keep talking to the girls AND the boys - thanks for pointing that out! Being the mom of two boys I sometimes think we forget that its just as important for us to talk to the boys about all that ridiculousness as it is for the girls to hear it too. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Oh, wow! I don't even like taking the kids toy OR clothing shopping lately! I'd rather look on-line and have them choose from some carefully selected items.