Thursday, October 20, 2011

update on the baby birds

Aww...aren't they sweet little things?
Below is a video that Daughter took from our indoor "hide", that we set up through the living room window.  She shot this video through the binoculars.  I like the ethereal effect of distorted imagery and color she got with this technique!

They're gone now- they fledged two days ago. It was funny- I looked in on them through the binoculars around 2pm, and when I checked again about 15 minutes later, the nest was empty. There was no feathers around or other signs of struggle, so we presume the neighborhood cats didn't get to them, and they both flew off. Usually we see our little fledgelings around here and there for a few weeks after, but we haven't seen this dove family since.

We came upon these doves last week, when they were discovered on the ground while pruning our tree .  We used the hanging pot as a make-shift nest, and put the babies in it, near where the limb with their nest was.  We are so glad the parents found them, and continued to care for them!  We loved observing them while they were with us.

I love happy endings/beginnings!

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  1. Neat video - aren't happy endings the best? So glad you got the chance to observe them!

    You have an award waiting on my blog, if you are interested. :)