Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reverb #11: Day Two: Best New Resource

Reverb #11, Day Two:
What was the best new resource that you found in 2011? Book, website, local support group, or other? How did it help in your homeschooling journey?

There are several new resources we have found to be invaluable to us this year, but I think The Happy Scientist has captured our hearts as being our pick of 2011.  This wonderful website is the creation of Robert Kramph, science educator.  The website consists of science experiments, demonstration videos, daily science photos with provoking questions, and even some entire curriculum units.  The material is categorized by life science, physical science, and chemical science topics- truly providing an exposure to a very wide range of science.

Mr. Kramph  has a real ability to convey material in clear, creative ways, and his program has served as a great introduction to many areas in science. My kids, who have an artsy bent, usually have to be really encouraged to excited about science, but the creative presentations, and the good dose of silly humor of the Happy Scientist, draws them in, and beyond to exploring the material more deeply.

Our own home video of a simple homemade laser microscope, used to look at pond water organisms, as made according to The Happy Scientist video demonstration .

There are many free materials available on the website, but the $20 subscription, which makes the entire site available, is so very well-worth the investment.

Please go check out The Happy Scientist!

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  1. Happy Scientist is at the top of my list of great new things as well!