Monday, December 5, 2011

Season's Greetings from my family to yours- via our holiday "video card"

We had a blast yesterday, filming a video holiday greeting at our city park.  We just might be making a tradition out of making a video greeting to send to friends and family.  Last year, we made a slideshow of the lovely fall foilage in a nearby canyon, set to music.  This year, we did a silly lip-sync to "We Wish You A Merry Christmas- John Denver and the Muppets-style.

The lip sync idea was completely inspired by a family video greeting I saw last year on Vimeo.  This family does a first-rate, professional, ultra-creative video production- and I bet you might thoroughly enjoy their holiday videos, even if you don't know them!  Go visit Melancholy Smile- it's her family that does the videos, and take your pick of great videos to view-from the right sidebar of the blog. 

In order to have the key prop for our video, we had to make a figgy pudding!  We used the recipe from this NPR article on the history and making of figgy pudding.  Ours turned out great- really an "old world" taste.  I like the taste much better than the packaged Christmas puddings we tried in England a few years ago.  Even though we didn't use the alcohol, our rum and fruit extract substitutions really made for a nice flavor.

The video was a real challenge- I really enjoy making videos, but aligning a video track with a separate audio track proved to be really difficult!  We took the music track out to the park with us, and sang/moved  along to it in our individual segments.  That helped a lot with synching up the music with our mouths.

We are pleased with how it came out!  We hope you enjoy!

Have a very enjoyable holiday season!


  1. We love your video and want you as next door neighbors for Christmas. Your family looks so fun.

    And now I really want a bundt pan. Your pudding is beautiful!! And on FIRE!!!! :-D

  2. Homeschooling friends living right next door??? Sounds like a dream come true for me! We're there! (-:

    Thanks for watching- we are so glad that you enjoyed it! (-: