Monday, April 23, 2012


Thanks to Almost Unschoolers, (and her fabulous resources!) we have been enjoying links to many nestcams around North America.  Here are a few ongoing bird-families that you can watch live, from their nests, this Spring. (2012, 2013)

Update: March 16, 2013

Phoebe is back with 2 more chicks!  I'm checking the other webcams- it looks like most of them are in use with new families.  Check them out!

I will embed more nestcams in this post as we find them.  I hope posting so many embedded videos in one post doesn't impede the load time.


Red-Tailed Hawk (at Cornell University)
Watch live streaming video from cornellhawks at
Great Blue Heron: (at Cornell University)
Watch live streaming video from cornellherons at
Bald Eagle (with 3 chicks):

Phoebe the Channel Island Allen Hummingbird in Orange County, California:
Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

June 6, 2012 Update:
Phoebe's back!!!!!  One egg, looks like in a new nest....

Update on Phoebe:  Phoebe's 2 eggs were taken in a crow attack on May 3rd.  So sorry, Phoebe!  Maybe she will come back and try again?  You can monitor her nest still- the webcam is still live....

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